TRSD Guarantee


  • The image needs to be replaced to show the flow of the ordering process
  • guarantee to ship order no later than 5 weeks from the date the order is approved by TRSD ("Approval Date") when:
    • The order is placed between September and December or January and May
    • The order is paid in full by no later than the Approval Date
    • The order quantity does not exceed 150 pieces
  • All other orders will be shipped between 6 and 12 weeks from the Approval Date. If we fail to ship by the deadlines stated in our guarantee, we will refund 50% of the total purchase price for the products excluding shipping, costs and set up fees. This Guarantee does not apply to delays in, or failure to make delivery due to our inability to obtain supplies, raw materials, labor or due to conditions over which we have no control, including delays of carriers, accidents, strikes, war, or any other unavoidable cause.


TRSD will replace damaged or defective products for orders where 20% or more of the items in that order experience print peeling, fabric bleeding, or tearing not cased during shipping. No return will be accepted without prior TRSD authorization, no exceptions. In addition, all returns require a pre-submission of a photograph of the damaged or defective product and the product must be shipped or delivered to our US Sales Office at your own expense.