We offer a new system to communicate client request from Artwork Request down to ordering procedures until shipment of orders. This tool will help you monitor your own Team Uniform orders from start to finish.


Artist Department

For artwork / designs and Job Order template concerns

All artwork / design request can be uploaded on our system, artist have direct access from client for any revisions needed to be done, and for artwork approval, as well as Job Order templates with complete players line-up, approval for Job Order templates can be done also in our system. Good thing about the system is you can get back track of your first ever artwork design because all files uploaded in here are stored in our database. Also all transactions which you and the artist are talking is monitored and stored well. You can add comment / instruction in our system.

Accounting Department

For invoices and payment concerns

This system will be useful to your payment transactions, once you have send your FINAL approval for Job Order, accounting will send your invoice so you can settle the amount needed to start processing your order, and once your order is ready for shipment, accounting will send your invoice for your remaining balances also, you can also view on your previous invoices for checking because it is stored on our database as well.

Production Department

For monitoring production status of your order

The system will be your tool to keep on track on the latest / updated status of your orders once it is on our production, you can also add comments for any important matters, like when production needs your approval for the actual product image / pictures that will be uploaded on your account page before we scheduled it for shipment, so you can have a glimpse of your team uniform ahead of time, before you have it on your hand.

Shipping Department

For tracking your order when shipped out

You can also get on track on your orders once we ship it out, we will provide you a Tracking number where you can use to track the shipment status of your package. There will be a link directing you to our official courier site (FEDEX , DHL or UPS) for tracking shipment status.